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About Icon Packs:

The packages listed below are sets of icon images in .png format. Each image in the package contains a grid of icons associated with the title theme. As formatted, each icon in the grid image may be copy and pasted into a number of graphic programs for further editing. On the Mac the default "Preview" application is excellent for this.

For converting these image icons to true icons for Mac (e.g. ".icns), Windows (e.g. "ICO") or other operating systems there are many applications on various platforms to help you accomplish this. There are also various options to upscale these images to meet the requirements of the image-to-icon conversion program. In many cases the desired size for conversion is 1024 x 1024 pixels. A quick internet search for "image to icon converter" will lead to a number of suitable applications, including online converters.

About LiveCode Stacks:

LiveCode stacks are compressed as .zip files and need to be extracted for use. Additionally, these are LiveCode stacks, not standalone applications, so they will only be useful to those who have the LiveCode development environment. As of this writing the LiveCode stacks are being released using the latest stable version of LiveCode, v. 9.6.11.

Icon Graphics - March Theme
Icon Graphics - Christmas Theme
Icon Graphics - Retro Computer Theme
Icon Graphics - Western Theme
LIveCode Stack - A Simple Card Game
LiveCode Stack - Game UI - Chessboard
LiveCode Stack - Game UI - Gameboards
LiveCode App