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MGB March Magazine

The IDEs of March

It's March!

"Beware the Ides of March"

This month March-themed icon sets have been added to the Gallery and Download pages.

The focus this month will be Vector Graphics in LiveCode. The aim is to gradually build up a collection of Vector Graphic handlers… Read More…

Hearts, Beads & Doubloons

We'll be celebrating February with Valentine's Day offerings and a taste of Mardi Gras. Check out the Gallery for new additions.

I received some helpful comments on the "Valentine Gadget" I have been working on, mainly as a platform for exploring different effects LiveCode. I have several more "gadgets" in the works and expect to put them up for downloading soon.

Another goal this month is to finalize a couple of projects and do all of the code-signing and certificate requirements to deliver MacOs and Window's apps here that are properly "sandboxed" so that you won't need to fiddle with security settings. On the LiveCode website, in the lessons section, there are details on how to do this as well as a helper stack to download.

The Late Night Comedians Award 2024

Ballot 2024

"The Late Night Comedians Award 2024" - choose your favorite late night comedian to be reincarnated as an A.I. version in 2030, to entertain new generations with fresh new material 24/7. BTW, the little green lighted icon in the bottom right of the image indicates voting is already occurring. The "QE" in the logo stands for "Quantum Entanglement", the fresh new technology that allows instant communication at a distance with no internet connection at all. Read More…

A Valentine's Day Gadget

Just in time for the big day…updated Feb. 8. with new animations

Valentine Gadget Read More…

"WAR!"'s just a card game

MGB WAR! Screenshot

"WAR!" Is a simple card game that was inspired by a BASIC program from the late 70's. The original source code is named "war.bas" and is contained in "BASIC Computer Games", edited by David Ahl and published in 1978. At the time microcomputers were becoming available for home use… Read More…